Hah, that is very true. Heatran would effortlessly OHKO Escavalier if it was any other situation, and it would probably have to also be holding an Occa Berry so it isn't completely destroyed by a STAB Fire move from the molten piece of metal. Even without the CB, Escavalier still has the highest Attack for all Bugs, and it's tied with Metagross and Excadrill for highest Attack for all Steels.
For me Escavalier is and always will be meant for trick room, used him a lot in B/W setting TR first(sometimes with a Life Orb)

If the enemy is somewhat fragile, his Megahorn can OHKO even if it's not SE, and usually will take more than half of the enemy's health, Steel and Fire were the problem, even on TR there was nothing i could do, a decent ground move is exactly what he needed to deal with both ends, pokebank can't come soon enough.

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